How It Works:
This is actual trade data, not trade-chat data. The data comes from Warframes database's directly. The databases are updated once per week at 00:00 UTC Monday.
All of this data is made up of Riven + Platinum trades. "1 platinum" trades are not included in the data as Warframe sees them as "trades among friends".
How To Use It:
1. Select your platform.
2. Type in weapon name. (No need to add "prime")
3. Click Search.

The Results:
There are 8 fields.
itemType: What type of Riven is it?
compatibility: Which Weapon is the Riven for?
rerolled: Is it rolled or unrolled? (0 = Unrolled, 1 = Rolled)
avg: Average value of trades with this Riven Type.
stddev: The average variation in the prices that the Riven trades for.
min: Lowest amount of Platinum per trade of this Riven Type.
max: Highest amount of Platinum per trade of this Riven Type.
pop: Popularity of this Riven Type being traded in relation to the most popular Riven Type in the list.

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